Despite advances in autonomous and semi-autonomous capabilities, robot deployments still rely on some form of human teleoperation and/or supervision. Moreover, the need for human intervention in robotic operations will remain well into the future. We develop new systems and interfaces that enable remote human operators to control robots more effectively, for instance improving overall task performance, enhancing operator situational awareness, and/or decreasing user cognitive load.


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Virtual Surrogates

In this project, we explore how advances in augmented reality (AR) may enable the design of novel teleoperation interfaces that increase operation effectiveness, support the user in conducting concurrent work, and decrease stress. Our key insight is that AR may be used in conjunction with prior work on predictive graphical interfaces such that a teleoperator controls a virtual robot surrogate, rather than directly operating the robot itself, providing the user with foresight regarding where the physical robot will end up and how it will get there.

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